3SALES BADASSES NEVER CHASE OR BEGGetting What You Want without Chasing, Begging, or Selling Your Soul

“I’ll be at your beck and call if you become my customer.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to earn your business.”

“I’ll even give you my home phone number, call anytime day or night if you need help after the sale.”

How many times have you heard this kind of nonsense?

More specifically, how many times have you said things like this to try and close a sale?

That kind of talk is not the talk of a Sales Badass. That’s talk for sales losers.

One of the key components of becoming a Sales Badass is never ever to beg, chase, or pursue prospects. You want them to pursue you.

A Very Sad (and Broke) Cold Caller

My very first sales job was in business-to-business telephone sales, or to put it simply, telemarketing to businesses; however, unlike a typical call center, we were treated as sales professionals complete with our own private offices. I experienced tremendous success in that job, which proved to me that I have excellent telephone sales skills. Naturally that led me to believe that all phone calls would work. What I didn’t know was how drastically different a cold call is versus calling a prequalified list of leads as I’d been doing. All I really had to do was get the right person on the phone and sell them.

Cold calls are another story. I started my very first outside sales job in radio advertising and spent all my time going door-to-door visiting businesses; this was in a very ...

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