Sales Hunting: How to Develop New Territories and Major Accounts in Half the Time Using Trust as Your Weapon

Book description

The first year of developing a new sales territory is a daunting task—especially in dog-eat-dog industries. The traditional advice is to train quickly on product, grab a customer list, start calling for appointments, discover opportunities, and close deals. In fact, almost every sales model out there is based on nothing more than "opportunity" management. But jumping straight to opportunity will have new salespeople—or veterans developing new territories—chasing their tails for the first year or two.

As Sales Hunting: How to Develop New Territories and Major Accounts in Half the Time Using Trust as Your Weapon details, there is a significant problem you must overcome when opening up new accounts and territories. No matter what you are selling, your prospect already has a trusted relationship with an incumbent vendor and will continue to buy from that vendor even when you have the better solution. The playing field is not level—and you're on the wrong side. So how can you compete to win?

"Trust is the grease that makes business sales effortless," writes sales pro and trainer Dave Monty. Opportunity metrics are important, but trust—and a few sharp insider tactics Monty reveals—is the guidepost that leads to success. His sales model therefore incorporates metrics based on trust along with traditional sales measures. That is the fuel that helps you not just turn virgin territory into a consistent revenue generator, but helps you win over potential accounts that now use competitive products.

Sales Hunting helps you start establishing trust before you step foot in a prospect's door, and it shows you the tactics necessary to penetrate new accounts. Once you gain access, trust can be used as systematic way to build long-lasting relationships that pay dividends well beyond that first sale you make. Among other things, this book explains:

  • Why most customers don't want to buy from you . . . yet

  • Why trust-based relationships enable you to open up territories and bag the biggest customers quickly

  • How to qualify and rank customers based on traits

  • How to get in step with the customer's buying cycle

  • How to establish trust-based and traditional sales metrics to guide your efforts

  • With advice based on Monty's twenty years of IT sales and sales management experience—along with principles confirmed by academic research—Sales Hunting is an easy-to-read book that is packed with real-life examples and prescriptions for achieving sales success. It will prove a lifesaver for any salesperson or sales manager developing a new territory or trying to penetrate new accounts.

    What you'll learn

  • Why traditional sales models do not work for new account acquisition.

  • Why long-term sales success is built on developing a trusted relationship with the customer.

  • The best methods for achieving first meetings.

  • The best solutions to lead with.

  • How to qualify customer and opportunities.

  • Where to best spend your time.

  • How to measure and track your success.

  • Who this book is for

    Salespeople and sales managers opening new territories or trying to penetrate new accounts.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Apress Business: The Unbiased Source of Business Information
    3. Dedication
    4. Contents
    5. About the Author
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Introduction
    8. PART I: Setting the Foundation
      1. CHAPTER 1: Hunting Misunderstood
        1. Learning to Hunt from My Barber
        2. Selling Is a Science
        3. It’s All About Trust
        4. Get Ready to Learn—and Win New Sales
        5. Summary
      2. CHAPTER 2: Identify the Silent Sales Killers
        1. “We Have a Guy for That”
        2. Habitual Purchasing
        3. Not in the Market
        4. More on the Status Quo
        5. Understand the Opportunity Trap
        6. Summary
      3. CHAPTER 3: The Buyer Process
        1. The Buying Cycle
        2. Example
        3. Exercise
        4. Summary
      4. CHAPTER 4: The Sales Process
        1. The Sales Cycle
        2. Example
        3. Exercise
        4. Summary
      5. CHAPTER 5: Trust
        1. Intent
        2. Capability
        3. Dedication
        4. Results
        5. It All Matters
        6. The Value of a Personal Relationship
        7. Example
        8. Summary
      6. CHAPTER 6: Trust Sales Cycle
        1. Broken Model
        2. Summary
      7. CHAPTER 7: Build Business Relationships
        1. The Outcome of Good Relationships
        2. Trust the System
        3. Why Trusting the System Makes Sense
        4. Do the Math: Opportunity versus Relationship
        5. Summary
      8. CHAPTER 8: Understand the Sales Equation
        1. The Great News
        2. Summary
    9. PART II: Understanding First Stage Selling
      1. CHAPTER 9: Preplanning: Prepare Yourself
        1. Capability
        2. What Do You Do?
        3. Your Online Presence
        4. Proactive Online Presence
        5. Personal Profile
        6. Summary
      2. CHAPTER 10: Niche Selling
        1. To Whom Will You Sell?
        2. Why Niche Selling Is Effective
        3. Trust in Niche Selling
        4. Where Susan Went Wrong
        5. Example: Putting Niche Selling to the Test
        6. Summary
      3. CHAPTER 11: Rich Hunting Grounds
        1. Customer Traits: Company Level
        2. Customer Traits: Individual Level
        3. The Cycle of Purchases
        4. Example
        5. Traits to Consider
        6. Work with the End in Mind
        7. Ranking Customers
        8. Summary
      4. CHAPTER 12: Where to Find Customers
        1. How to Approach Customers
        2. Where to Get Prospects
        3. Example
        4. Partners
        5. Summary
    10. PART III: Getting Across the Threshold
      1. CHAPTER 13: Cold Calling
        1. Call Reluctance
        2. How to Get a Response
        3. Summary
      2. CHAPTER 14: On the Phone for the First Time
        1. Design the Call
        2. Qualify the First Appointment
        3. Recognizing the Golden Ticket
        4. Summary
    11. PART IV: Executing the Strategy
      1. CHAPTER 15: Power in Sales
        1. Milgram Experiment
        2. Killing Power with One Line
        3. Your Time Is Important
        4. Example
        5. Jumping Through Hoops
        6. Summary
      2. CHAPTER 16: Selling Strategies
        1. Questions!
        2. Example
        3. A Study on
        4. Example
        5. Example
        6. Questioning Skills
        7. Summary
      3. CHAPTER 17: Qualify the Customer
        1. Develop Your Ideal Customer Profile
        2. Personal Relationships
        3. Rank and Rerank Customers
        4. Summary
      4. CHAPTER 18: Building Trust Before Opportunity
        1. Why You Can Win an Incumbent’s Business
        2. Methods to Increase Trust
        3. Summary
    12. PART V: Understanding and Developing Opportunities
      1. CHAPTER 19: Qualifying and Developing Opportunity
        1. Let Go of Poor Opportunities
        2. Developing Opportunities Is an Art
        3. Forecasting
        4. Summary
      2. CHAPTER 20: Are You Winning or Losing?
        1. When to Engage—or Not Engage—the Customer
        2. Which Vendor Are You?
        3. What If You Are in the Wrong Column?
        4. Change the Rules
        5. Change Your Trust Levels
        6. Summary
      3. CHAPTER 21: Wrapping Up
        1. Insurance Company Example
        2. My Loss Example
        3. Where to Start: A 30-60-90-Day Plan
      4. APPENDIX: Resources
    13. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Sales Hunting: How to Develop New Territories and Major Accounts in Half the Time Using Trust as Your Weapon
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: February 2014
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781430267706