Chapter 9

Designing a Winning Presentation

In This Chapter

arrow Determining the right presentation material for your audience

arrow Weighing the pros and cons of presentation software

arrow Applying the principle of one idea per slide

arrow Incorporating the ten rules of good slide design

arrow Making your presentation pop with graphics

Approximately 350 PowerPoint presentations are estimated to be given every second, so more than likely your prospect has seen a few. In fact, he may be watching one right now. Slides are the most popular visual aid for your message — and visual support plays a critical role in focusing your prospect’s attention, engaging emotion, and improving recall. The quality and relevance of your presentation material reflects on your product, your company, and you. Endless bullet points, competing fonts, dizzying animations, and cheesy graphics can give your product, your message, and your credibility a beating.

If you’re like most salespeople, you put a good deal of time into creating ...

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