Chapter 12

Increasing Emotional Engagement through Storytelling

In This Chapter

arrow Comprehending the superpowers of storytelling

arrow Creating a purposeful sales story

arrow Selecting the right story for your presentation

arrow Adding drama for emotional engagement and recall

arrow Delivering your story with impact and confidence

You build a logical case for why your prospect should buy your product or service, but logic alone won’t move your prospect to take action. You need to engage your prospect emotionally, and storytelling is one of the most effective tools available to do that. Telling a story can gain emotional buy-in in a way that presenting countless facts and data simply can’t. Stories have many other super powers as well; they can gain attention, soften a hardened stance, overcome objections, and differentiate you and your product or service in a memorable way.

A smartly crafted, well-delivered story is a powerful vehicle for making a persuasive case. On the other hand, a long, irrelevant, or ...

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