Chapter 14

Engaging and Managing Your Audience

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the need for consistent reengagement

arrow Identifying your engagement tools

arrow Using props, interaction, and staging to keep your audience engaged

arrow Creating an engagement plan to keep attention high

arrow Handling timing and Q&A effectively

You can easily blame a lack of interaction on your prospect, but the truth is that interaction isn’t your prospect’s responsibility. It’s yours. The battle for attention is one of the greatest challenges salespeople face around the world regardless of product or industry. Yet few salespeople put much thought or planning into making sure their prospect is consistently engaged throughout the entire length of their presentation. Although they may have a strong opening, it can only hold a prospect’s interest for so long. The result? Much of the meat of their persuasive case isn’t delivered to a fully attentive prospect.

Engaging today’s busy decision makers isn’t easy and doesn’t just happen ...

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