Chapter 17

Mastering Web Presentations

In this Chapter

arrow Comparing live and virtual presentations

arrow Knowing the unique aspects of delivering a web presentation

arrow Increasing your connection with a virtual audience

arrow Improving engagement with your audience

arrow Using your tools for a seamless experience

Hello … is this thing on?

Delivering an online presentation is a lonely experience for most salespeople. It’s hard to tell if your prospect is engaged, confused, or even in the room. After you’re done, you may wonder if you’ve made any impact. If you’re simply repeating what you do in a live presentation in a virtual world, chances are good, you haven’t.

Although prospects and salespeople don’t always agree on a solution, a price, or timing, they can usually agree on one thing: Online presentations have all the excitement of a visit to the motor vehicle department. Heralded as the wave of the future, with all their challenges, remote presentations can feel like a trip back to the past. Not being ...

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