Chapter 18

Delivering a Product Demonstration That Drives Sales

In This Chapter

arrow Preparing your demo for success

arrow Customizing your demo to meet your prospect’s needs

arrow Highlighting benefits and value in your demo

arrow Interacting with prospects during a demo

arrow Presenting the demo

For medical devices, equipment, software, and technology, a product demonstration is a key part of the sales process. A demonstration can prove that your product can do what you say it can, that it’s a good fit for your prospect or her organization, or that it’s easy to use. A widely held belief is that a demo can’t win a deal, but it can lose one. However, a good demo can do more than just keep you from losing ground; it can move your sale forward, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your closing ratio. Unfortunately many demos are poorly executed, delivered too soon in the sales cycle, not tailored to the prospect, or a loosely strung together list of features.

Many salespeople forget that the same best practices ...

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