Chapter 22

Ten Things You Need to Know When Presenting with Your Tablet

In This Chapter

arrow Using your tablet for a small one-on-one presentation

arrow Projecting your tablet presentation on a screen for a larger audience

arrow Selecting the best apps to showcase your tablet presentation

Though more than 40 percent of the American adult population owns a tablet, you still can ride on a certain novelty wave if you use your tablet to give a presentation or demonstration. Tablets are lightweight, fast, and flexible, and they set a less formal tone for smaller or more casual presentations. And by allowing you to walk around, switch between applications, use a whiteboard, and do other cool options, they can create a more interactive presentation.

For a growing number of salespeople, tablets are rapidly replacing a lot of the old printed brochures and flip books of yesterday and are on their way to becoming the presentation vehicle of choice. This chapter discusses ten must-know tips to help you get the most out of your tablet in your presentation.

Using a Stand

When using your tablet to present directly to one or two people, you need a stand. Holding a tablet perfectly still for the length of a ...

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