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Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin

Video Description

Implement, configure, customize, and manage Salesforce.com for your organization

About This Video

  • Configure and create workflow and approval rules within the system to suit your business’s needs

  • Gain important skills in how to manage security and visibility within the system

  • Provides real-life examples throughout the whole video course, as well as some tips and tricks to better utilize the power of the Salesforce.com platform

  • A fast paced, complete, and concise video course, providing the essentials for Salesforce administration as well as common best practices in system administration

  • In Detail

    Salesforce.com is arguably one of the top leading Software-as-a-Service platforms in the world today. It provides Salesforce automation, customer service, social collaboration as well as a powerful platform to build custom applications for any organization. There’s no doubt about what value the product can bring to any organization using it.

    This video course provides readers with a complete guide to managing and configuring Salesforce.com for your organization. This course covers all the important topics within the application, in a manner which covers both real-life solutions as well as common best practices used throughout the community.

    The video course begins with discussing how to set up organization wide settings and then moves on to topics such as user management, configuration, data management, analytics, and business processes. The course also discusses how to extend the application and the different best practices when working with the platform.

    Starting from how to initially set up the organization in Salesforce, the course moves to cover a breadth of different topics. This includes settings such as default currencies, locale, time zone, as well as the default language. It later moves on to how to manage users within the system and then properly set up a security model across different users. The video course will also tackle ways to configure and extend the system’s functionality by creating custom fields and objects, as well as creating business rules such as workflow rules and approval processes.

    The course aims to provide beginners with a solid baseline to configuring an application, as well as provide novices with the ammunition they need to make Salesforce.com the perfect fit for their organization.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Organization Administration
      1. Set Up Your Company Profile 00:03:48
      2. User Interface Options 00:05:21
      3. Search Settings 00:03:06
      4. Currency Management 00:03:12
      5. Setting Up Fiscal Years within Your Organization 00:02:46
    2. Chapter 2 : Organization Administration
      1. Creating Users 00:06:40
      2. Creating Queues 00:04:19
      3. Setting Up Profiles and Profile Management 00:05:02
      4. Setting Up Role Hierarchy within the Organization 00:04:58
      5. Extending User Privileges with Permission Sets 00:05:15
    3. Chapter 3 : Organization Administration
      1. Creating Custom Fields 00:06:53
      2. Creating Record Types and Page Layouts 00:06:12
      3. Creating Custom Objects 00:08:21
      4. Creating Formula Fields 00:07:23
      5. Lookups and Master-Detail Relationships 00:07:54
    4. Chpater 4 : Data Management
      1. Defining Organization-Wide Defaults 00:05:59
      2. Extending Organization-Wide Defaults Using Sharing Rules 00:07:24
      3. Managing Data Visibility Using Field-Level Security 00:04:37
      4. Ensuring Data Quality Using Validation Rules 00:04:34
      5. Importing Data from Other Systems Using Apex Data Loader 00:06:23
    5. Chapter 5 : Data Analytics
      1. Creating Custom Reports 00:08:15
      2. Creating Custom Matrix Reports 00:05:14
      3. Creating Custom Report Types 00:05:14
      4. Creating Charts 00:05:05
      5. Creating Dashboards 00:06:16
    6. Chapter 6 : Implementing Business Processes in Salesforce CRM
      1. Creating Workflow Rules 00:07:30
      2. Creating Workflow Actions 00:07:34
      3. Standardizing E-mail Communications Using E-mail Templates 00:09:59
      4. Creating Time-Based Workflow Actions 00:05:26
      5. Creating Approval Processes 00:09:50
    7. Chapter 7 : Salesforce CRM Functions
      1. Creating Custom Sales Processes 00:06:34
      2. Managing Opportunities and Quotes 00:12:34
      3. Working with Campaigns and Campaign Members 00:10:07
      4. Creating Web-to-Lead Forms 00:10:53
      5. Managing Lead Conversion 00:09:16
    8. Chapter 8 : Extending Salesforce CRM
      1. Creating Custom Applications and Custom Tabs 00:12:36
      2. Enabling Customer Portals 00:13:46
      3. Installing Apps from AppExchange 00:08:17
      4. Customizing the Standard Home Page 00:06:52
      5. Setting up Chatter within Your Organization 00:11:02
    9. Chapter 9 : Best Practices for Enhancing Productivity
      1. Creating Custom Settings 00:07:30
      2. Using the Translation Workbench 00:05:07
      3. Deployment to Different Environments Using Packages 00:05:16
      4. Delegating System Administration Using Delegated Groups 00:05:08
      5. How to Create Future-Proof Validation and Workflow Rules 00:08:14