Chapter 11

Email Studio


check Creating effective email messages

check Testing emails

check Clicking Send

The largest and, in our humble opinion, most important part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the email-marketing functionality. Email is where the Marketing Cloud began. Back in those days, the email application and the company that built it went by its original name: ExactTarget. Over time, ExactTarget added automation capabilities and social-messaging channels, and Salesforce acquired the company to become the powerful tool we know today.

Delivering your email-marketing campaigns via Marketing Cloud gives you access to features that other platforms just don’t have. For example, data extensions (introduced in Chapter 6) afford you flexibility you simply can't find in other email-marketing software. As you continue to use Marketing Cloud, you will think of more and more creative ways to leverage data extensions to deliver highly customized content to your subscribers while also making your own life easier.

In this chapter, we show what email marketing in Marketing Cloud looks like and how you can use it to its potential. Your work is not done after you send an email, though, so we ...

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