Chapter 22

Ten Questions to Ask Before Implementing Knowledge

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying or confirming a need for Knowledge

arrow Understanding the benefits of Knowledge

arrow Thinking about an agent’s Knowledge needs and use cases

arrow Asking how your Knowledge will be consumed

arrow Considering the implications of committing to Knowledge

No matter the breadth or depth of your organization’s knowledge, you need to ensure that your employees, customers, partners, and the public can interact with the information they need in the right moment, the right place, and the right format.

Salesforce Knowledge provides the framework for a knowledge base that can enable your organization to quickly create and easily manage information that you want to share with internal or external users.

Regardless of whether your organization has already decided to leverage Salesforce Knowledge, important questions and decisions need to be evaluated prior to embarking on an implantation.

In this chapter, we provide a set of ten ...

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