Chapter 14. Driving Sales Effectiveness with Document Management

In This Chapter

  • Building the Document Library

  • Adding documents

  • Using documents

  • Setting up Salesforce Content

  • Sharing and managing Content

If you, as a sales or marketing manager, expect to get the most out of your sales reps, you have to put the best tools at their fingertips. Aside from a desk, chair, phone, and some caffeine, reps need accurate and compelling documentation: sell sheets, whitepapers, case studies, and so on. All too often, however, sales documents reside in multiple places: network drives, e-mails, desktops, and so on.

If your reps are losing business because they can't access the right documents, take advantage of the Salesforce Document Library, which you can use to store the latest sales collateral in easy-to-use, organized folders. And so long as you have an Internet connection, reps can access the Document Library, even if they're sitting in an airport in Omaha, Nebraska.

What does an easily accessible library mean for you? If you're a sales rep or manager, this means spending more time in front of your customers and less time chasing information. If you're in marketing or product management, you can better control the message to customers with the confidence that sales reps are providing customers the most up-to-date information available. And, regardless of your role, you can individually store documents in your own personal folder.

For companies that need to organize a large amount of current documents, ...

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