Chapter 6

Collaborating with Chatter

In This Chapter

arrow Configuring Chatter

arrow Finding Chatter

arrow Updating your profile

arrow Keeping your status up to date

arrow Following people and relevant objects

arrow Joining groups

Every one of us has been the new guy (or gal) at a company at some point in our lives. Even if you received a formal orientation and a review of the organizational chart (a luxury that you shouldn’t take for granted), remember still having to meander around finding that person who has the answers? Or maybe you’re an old-timer who is extremely busy but always willing to answer a newcomer’s questions because you remember how overwhelming it was when you first started.

Organizations possess huge amounts of varying types of knowledge: formal and informal, documented and verbal, current and outdated. Very rarely is knowledge shared in one centralized location. Even when a company is pretty diligent ...

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