Chapter 13

Driving Demand with Campaigns

In This Chapter

arrow Creating campaigns

arrow Creating a target list

arrow Executing a campaign

arrow Assessing campaign effectiveness

Companies want to increase revenue by spending marketing dollars intelligently. However, because of the disconnect between sales and marketing teams, managers have a harder time executing campaigns, let alone tracking and measuring the results of their marketing programs. Now, more than ever, marketing departments have to prove that they are contributing to the sales funnel versus being regarded as a cost center. Marketing executives have to show that their marketing spending is resulting in new customers. If this sounds familiar to you, campaigns in Salesforce can help you manage and track your marketing programs more effectively, helping you manage your customer acquisition costs, bring in more qualified leads, and contribute more to sales.

A campaign is any marketing project that you want to plan, manage, and track in Salesforce. The higher-level goal is to create something (a content piece or an event, for example) that generates ...

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