Understanding <CFTREE> and <CFTREEITEM>

Recall from yesterday's lesson that, by using <CFFORM> in place of a standard HTML <FORM>, you open up a new arsenal of selection and input methods. Your final instruction today will cover two of the most feature-rich <CFFORM> tags, <CFGRID> and <CFTREE>. I've held off on introducing them until now because you need to be familiar with the concepts in the previous sections to really get the most from these powerful tags.

Using <CFTREE>

<CFTREE> provides a pretty neat way to display form data, particularly data you want to sort by one or more categories. To understand this, first take a look at a sample tree in Figure 12.6.

Figure 12.6. A sample <CFTREE> describing 8-track tapes in my database.

For this ...

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