Creating a Join

Creating a join is very simple. You must specify all the tables to be included and how they are related to each other. Look at the following example:

SELECT vend_name, prod_name, prod_price
FROM Vendors, Products
WHERE Vendors.vend_id = Products.vend_id;
vend_name                  prod_name                prod_price
-----------------------    ---------------------    ----------
Doll House Inc.            Fish bean bag toy        3.4900
Doll House Inc.            Bird bean bag toy        3.4900
Doll House Inc.            Rabbit bean bag toy       3.4900
Bears R Us                 8 inch teddy bear         5.9900
Bears R Us                 12 inch teddy bear        8.9900
Bears R Us                 18 inch teddy bear        11.9900
Doll House Inc.            Raggedy Ann               4.9900
Fun and Games              King doll                 9.4900
Fun and Games              Queen doll                9.4900

Let's take a look at the preceding code. The SELECT statement ...

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