You have covered many topics today. One of the most common tasks that you will want to perform is to send XML documents as SOAP messages.

  1. Create a JAXM client that accepts a SOAP message representing a new customer for the Job Agency and returns a response containing an assigned login. Generate your own string for the assigned login; there is no need to integrate this client with the agency EJBs you created earlier.

    The expected XML message in the SOAP body should be as follows:

     <acme:customer xmlns:acme="http://acme.com/commerce"> <acme:name>Fred Bloggs</acme:name> <acme:email>fred@bloggs.org</acme:email> <acme:address> <acme:addressLine>Bury Old Road</acme:addressLine> <acme:addressLine>Manchester</acme:addressLine> <acme:addressLine>M25 ...

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