This section is designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour with quiz questions, and to provide some exercises for further exploration of the subject of the available window managers for FreeBSD.


1:The name of the file in which you can change your default window manager is
  1. .xinitrc

  2. .xstart

  3. XF86Config

  4. None of the above

A1: The correct answer is A.
2:The WindowMaker window manager is based on and attempts to embrace the design principles of what computing platform?
  1. Windows 95

  2. Mac OS X

  3. NextSTEP

  4. Windows XP

A2: The correct answer is C; although if you said B, you'd get partial credit because Mac OS X descends in large part from NextSTEP.
3:How does FVWM 95 differ from the Windows 95 that it attempts to emulate?
  1. The contents ...

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