In this interactive section, we will test your understanding of multimedia in FreeBSD with quiz questions and exercises designed to pique your curiosity about what else can be discovered within this hour's topic.


1:The line that needs to be added to the kernel configuration file for sound support is
  1. device sound

  2. device snd

  3. device pcm

  4. None of the above

A1: The correct answer is C.
2:The command to create the sound device nodes is
  1. ./MAKEDEV snd

  2. ./MAKEDEV snd0

  3. ./MAKEDEV pcm

  4. ./MAKEDEV sound

A2: The correct answer is B.
3:The utility you need in order to create an ISO disk image to burn onto a data or MP3 CD is what?
  1. burncd

  2. cdrecord

  3. mkisofs

  4. Ogle

A3: The correct answer is C.
4:If you have an IDE/ATA CD-R or CD-RW drive, what tool will you use to ...

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