Q1:Why is a JSP a more appropriate way of writing a servlet that is used primarily to display HTML?
A1: Because the programming logic is embedded in the HTML. This avoids the laborious process of writing large numbers of out.println() statements required by normal servlets and makes JSPs easier for non-programmers to produce.
Q2:What are the four types of errors that can occur on a JSP?
A2: Translation, compilation, Java runtime and HTML syntax errors.
Q3:What is the Expression Language?
A3: It is a language used on a JSP to simplify data access. In conjunction with JavaBeans, JSTL, and custom tag libraries, it enables all the Java code to be removed from the JSP.
Q4:What are the three JSP actions that support the use of JavaBeans?
A4: <jsp:useBean> ...

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