Miscellaneous Tags

The template tags in Table B.9 are ones that don't fall into any of the previous eight categories.

Table B.9. Miscellaneous Tags
Tag NameTag TypeDescription
MTCGIPathVInserts the absolute URL path to the directory containing Movable Type's CGI scripts, set by the CGIPath directive in mt.cfg.
MTCommentScriptVInserts the filename of the comment script—either the default value, mt-comments.cgi, or the value of the CommentScript directive specified in mt.cfg.
MTDateVInserts the current date and/or time. Attributes:

format: Controls how the date is written. (See “Formatting Dates” later in this appendix.)

language: Specifies in what language the date is to be written.

MTElseCCThe contents of this tag are evaluated if the condition of ...

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