LESSON 10. Foursquare’s Competitors and What’s Next

In this lesson you’ll learn about some of Foursquare’s main competitors and why you might like to try them, too. Not only that, you’ll get a glimpse into what is coming down the road in the location awareness space.

Looking at Foursquare’s Competitors

Foursquare isn’t the only kid in town, as far as location awareness goes. It has several new (and old) competitors. Foursquare wasn’t even the first game in town—that honor goes to Brightkite—but it’s been capturing a lot of attention recently. Maybe it’s the game aspect of it or the badges you can earn. In any case, Foursquare is capturing more and more attention of late. But a lot (and very little) changed overnight when the 300-pound-gorilla ...

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