Lesson 18. Sharing and Collaborating on Playlists

In this lesson, you learn how to share your Spotify playlists with friends and how to work with your friends to create and edit custom playlists.

Sharing a Playlist

In Lesson 17 you learned how to share tracks, albums, and artists. Sharing playlists works exactly the same way, except you’re sharing all the tracks in a given playlist—or at least those tracks that stream from Spotify.

To share a playlist, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the playlist in the navigation pane and select Share To.

2. When the sharing pop-up appears, as shown in Figure 18.1, select the tab for how you want to share—Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, or Messenger.

Figure 18.1. Sharing a Spotify playlist.

3. Enter an accompanying ...

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