Hour 3. 2D Graphics

What You’ll Learn in This Hour:

  • Peculiarities of the 2D graphics in Godot

  • Making simple vector math operations

  • Using 2D cameras

  • Creating TileSets and TileMaps

  • Making a parallax background effect

Godot Engine has dedicated tools to work on 2D games. While many of the functions of the engine can be used the same way in 2D and 3D, some of the topics don’t have a one-to-one comparison. The 2D graphics pipeline is one of these examples. In 3D, you have a world to explore and position objects, but for 2D, you have only the screen plane to work with.

In this hour, you’ll learn to deal with 2D graphics and how Godot treats the screen plane. You’ll also see some of the specific tools for making 2D games, how they work, and how ...

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