Hour 6. More Scripting

What You’ll Learn in This Hour:

• Using Godot’s notification system

• Singletons in Godot’s API

• Creating custom autoloads/singletons

• Editor tools

• Interfacing with other Godot scripting languages

In Hour 4, “Scripting,” you learned about the basics of scripting in Godot using GDScript, and in Hour 5, “Game 1 Space Shooter,” you designed and implementing a space shooter game. By now, you should have some experience and familiarity with GDScript. GDScript and Godot have a lot more to offer, so it’s time to expand that field of knowledge even more.

In this hour, you’ll learn about Godot’s notification system, a way to pass “messages” to certain objects and nodes. We will also explore the world of singletons and autoloads, ...

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