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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft

Book Description

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL in 10 Minutes offers straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. By working through 10-minute lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server’s T-SQL language.

This handy pocket guide starts with simple data retrieval and moves on to more complex topics, including the use of joins, subqueries, full text-based searches, functions and stored procedures, cursors, triggers, table constraints, XML, and much more.

You’ll learn what you need to know methodically, systematically, and simply–in highly focused lessons designed to make you immediately and effortlessly productive.

Tips point out shortcuts and solutions

Cautions help you avoid common pitfalls

Notes explain additional concepts, and provide additional information

10 minutes is all you need to learn how to…

  • Use T-SQL in the Microsoft SQL Server environment

  • Construct complex T-SQL statements using multiple clauses and operators

  • Filter data so you get the information you need quickly

  • Retrieve, sort, and format database contents

  • Join two or more related tables

  • Make SQL Server work for you with globalization and localization

  • Create subqueries to pinpoint your data

  • Automate your workload with triggers

  • Create and alter database tables

  • Work with views, stored procedures, and more

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