Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies

Book description

Learn how to use your new Samsung Galaxy Note 3—the easy way!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest in Samsung's revolutionary line of phablet devices. But what is a phablet? In Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies, Dan Gookin explains everything you need to know about your new phone/tablet and describes how to maximize the device's performance—even if you've never owned a smartphone or tablet before! Users will love this book for the in-depth look at this great device from Samsung. From the author who wrote the first For Dummies book back in 1991 comes another funny, friendly users' guide that will help you get the most out of your tech investment.

With the new Air Command software, the Note 3 is more flexible and powerful than any other device on the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies helps you wrap your mind around how this new technology can make your life easier, more efficient, and more fun.

  • Discover the basics of texting, voicemail, and smartphone capabilities

  • Learn about features like social networking, adding software, printing, GPS, and synchronizing to your PC

  • Begin using the stylus with Action Memo, Scrapbook, S Finder, Pen Window, and Screen Write

  • Find out why Samsung sold over 10 million Note 3 phablets in the first two months after its release. The information in this book will turn you into a power-user without subjecting you to another boring user manual. Explore what's possible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. How to Use This Book
        3. Foolish Assumptions
        4. How This Book Is Organized
          1. Part I: What Is This Thing?
          2. Part II: Phone Duties
          3. Part III: Keep in Touch
          4. Part IV: Incredible Tasks and Amazing Feats
          5. Part V: Nuts and Bolts
          6. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        5. Icons Used in This Book
        6. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: What Is This Thing?
        1. Chapter 1: A Note for You
          1. Out of the Box
          2. Phone Assembly
            1. Removing the rear cover
            2. Installing and removing the battery
            3. Installing the SIM card
            4. Adding and removing a MicroSD card
            5. Reattaching the phone’s rear cover
          3. Charge the Battery
          4. Explore the Galaxy Note
            1. Identifying important things
            2. Using earphones
            3. Adding other accessories
          5. A Home for Your Phone
            1. Toting your Galaxy Note
            2. Storing the phone
        2. Chapter 2: On, Off, and Configuration
          1. Hello!
            1. Turning on your phone for the first time
            2. Turning on the Galaxy Note
            3. Unlocking the phone
          2. Account Setup
            1. Obtaining a Google account
            2. Setting up with AT&T Ready2Go
            3. Adding other accounts
          3. Goodbye!
            1. Locking the phone
            2. Controlling the automatic screen lock
            3. Turning off the phone
        3. Chapter 3: Rule the Galaxy Note
          1. Basic Operations
            1. Manipulating the touchscreen
            2. Exploring the navigation icons
            3. Setting the volume
            4. “Silence your phone!”
            5. Enjoying the accelerometer
          2. Home Screen Chores
            1. Examining the Home screen
            2. Accessing the Home screen panels
            3. Reviewing notifications
            4. Using Quick Actions
          3. The App Galaxy
            1. Starting an app
            2. Quitting an app
            3. Working a widget
            4. Browsing the Applications screen
            5. Switching apps
            6. Playing with Multi Window
            7. Using common icons
          4. The Magical S Pen
            1. Understanding the S Pen
            2. Using Air Command
            3. Doing some S Pen tricks
        4. Chapter 4: Text Creation and Editing
          1. Behold the Onscreen Keyboard
          2. Everybody Was Touchscreen Typing
            1. Typing one character at a time
            2. Accessing special characters
            3. Typing quickly by using predictive text
            4. Activating Keyboard Swipe
            5. Writing text with the S Pen
          3. Voice Typing and Dictation
            1. Activating voice input
            2. Talking to your phone
            3. Uttering b**** words
          4. Text Editing
            1. Moving the cursor
            2. Selecting text
            3. Cutting, copying, and pasting text
      3. Part II: Phone Duties
        1. Chapter 5: Phone 101
          1. I Just Called to Say . . .
            1. Making a phone call
            2. Dialing a contact
            3. Calling a favorite
          2. Ring, Ring, Ring
            1. Receiving a call
            2. Rejecting a call with a text message
            3. Dealing with a missed call
          3. The Call Log
        2. Chapter 6: Super Phone
          1. Super Dialing Tricks
            1. Configuring speed dial
            2. Adding pauses when dialing a number
          2. Captain Conference Call
            1. Putting someone on hold
            2. Receiving a call when you’re on the phone
            3. Juggling two calls
            4. Making a conference call
          3. Calls Sent Elsewhere
            1. Forwarding phone calls
            2. Rejecting incoming calls
            3. Managing the reject list
          4. Intergalactic Ringtones
            1. Choosing the phone’s ringtone
            2. Setting a contact’s ringtone
            3. Creating your own ringtones
        3. Chapter 7: Voice Mail and Beyond
          1. Plain Old, Boring Carrier Voice Mail
            1. Setting up carrier voice mail
            2. Retrieving your messages
          2. Wonderful Google Voice
            1. Configuring Google Voice
            2. Adding a second line to Google Voice
            3. Using the Google Voice app
      4. Part III: Keep in Touch
        1. Chapter 8: The People in Your Galaxy
          1. The Digital Address Book
            1. Accessing the address book
            2. Searching contacts
          2. Some New Friends
            1. Adding a contact from the call log
            2. Creating a new contact from scratch
            3. Importing contacts from your computer
            4. Mixing in social networking contacts
            5. Finding a new contact by location
          3. Address Book Management
            1. Making basic changes
            2. Adding a contact picture
            3. Making a favorite
            4. Linking identical contacts
            5. Unlinking a contact
            6. Removing a contact
        2. Chapter 9: Message for You!
          1. Life in Less Than 160 Characters
            1. Composing a text message
            2. Receiving a text message
            3. Forwarding a text message
          2. Multimedia Messages
            1. Attaching media to a text message
            2. Saving media from a text message
          3. Text Message Management
            1. Removing messages
            2. Setting the text message ringtone
          4. Text Messaging Alternatives
        3. Chapter 10: Galactic E-Mail
          1. E-Mail on the Galaxy Note
            1. Setting up an e-mail account
            2. Adding more e-mail accounts
          2. You’ve Got Mail
            1. Getting a new message
            2. Checking the inbox
            3. Reading e-mail
          3. Make Your Own E-Mail
            1. Writing a new electronic message
            2. Sending e-mail to a contact
          4. Message Attachments
          5. E-Mail Configuration
            1. Creating a signature
            2. Setting the default e-mail account
            3. Configuring the server delete option
        4. Chapter 11: It’s a World Wide Web We Weave
          1. Web Web Web
            1. Visiting a web page
            2. Browsing back and forth
            3. Working with bookmarks
            4. Managing multiple web page windows
            5. Searching the web
            6. Finding text on a web page
            7. Sharing a web page
          2. That Downloading Thrill
            1. Grabbing an image from a web page
            2. Downloading a file
            3. Reviewing your downloads
          3. Master the Internet App
            1. Setting a home page
            2. Changing the way the web looks
            3. Setting privacy and security options
        5. Chapter 12: Your Digital Social Life
          1. In Your Facebook
            1. Setting up your Facebook account
            2. Getting the Facebook app
            3. Running Facebook on your phone
            4. Setting your status
            5. Uploading a picture to Facebook
            6. Configuring the Facebook app
          2. Tweet Suite
            1. Setting up Twitter
            2. Tweeting
          3. Even More Social Networking
        6. Chapter 13: I See What You’re Doing There
          1. Samsung Video Calling
          2. Hangout with Google
            1. Using Hangouts
            2. Typing at your friends
            3. Using Hangouts as your phone’s SMS app
            4. Talking and video chat
          3. Connect with Skype
            1. Getting Skype
            2. Chatting with another Skype user
            3. Seeing on Skype (video call)
      5. Part IV: Incredible Tasks and Amazing Feats
        1. Chapter 14: There’s a Map for That
          1. Behold the Map
            1. Using the Maps app
            2. Adding layers
          2. How to Find Yourself
            1. Finding out where you are
            2. Helping others find your location
          3. How to Find Other Things
            1. Looking for a specific address
            2. Finding a business, restaurant, or point of interest
            3. Searching for favorite or recent places
            4. Locating one of your contacts
          4. How to Get There
            1. Asking for directions
            2. Navigating to your destination
        2. Chapter 15: Everyone Say “Cheese”
          1. Smile for the Camera App
            1. Capturing the moment
            2. Deleting immediately after you shoot
            3. Doing a self-portrait
            4. Shooting a panoramic image
            5. Taking a screen shot
          2. Camera Settings and Options
            1. Finding the settings
            2. Setting the flash
            3. Changing image resolution
            4. Setting video quality
            5. Activating location information
            6. Choosing the storage device
          3. Where Your Photos Lurk
            1. Visiting the Gallery app
            2. Navigating to an image’s location
            3. Sharing from the Gallery
          4. Image Management
            1. Cropping an image
            2. Rotating pictures
            3. Deleting photos and videos
        3. Chapter 16: Listen to the Music
          1. Your Top 40
            1. Browsing your music library
            2. Playing a tune
          2. The Hits Just Keep On Coming
            1. Borrowing music from your computer
            2. Getting music from the Google Play Store
          3. Music Organization
            1. Reviewing your playlists
            2. Building playlists
            3. Deleting music
          4. Galaxy Note Radio
        4. Chapter 17: What Else Does It Do?
          1. It’s a Clock
          2. It’s a Calculator
          3. It’s a Calendar
            1. Checking your schedule
            2. Reviewing events
            3. Creating a new event
          4. It’s an eBook Reader
          5. It’s a Game Machine
          6. It’s Google Now
          7. It’s a Scribble Pad
            1. Using the Action Memo app
            2. Capturing and scribbling
          8. It’s a Tape Recorder
          9. It’s a Video Player
        5. Chapter 18: The Apps Chapter
          1. The Google Play Store
            1. Visiting the Play Store
            2. Obtaining an app
          2. Manage Your Apps
            1. Reviewing your apps
            2. Sharing an app
            3. Updating an app
            4. Removing an app
            5. Controlling your apps
          3. Applications Screen Organization
            1. Changing the Applications screen view
            2. Rearranging apps on the Applications screen
            3. Working with Applications screen folders
      6. Part V: Nuts and Bolts
        1. Chapter 19: Wireless Wizardry
          1. It’s a Wireless Life
            1. Understanding the mobile data network
            2. Understanding Wi-Fi
            3. Activating Wi-Fi
            4. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
            5. Connecting via WPS
          2. A Connection to Share
            1. Creating a mobile hotspot
            2. Tethering the Internet connection
          3. The Bluetooth Way
            1. Understanding Bluetooth
            2. Activating Bluetooth
            3. Pairing with a Bluetooth device
            4. Printing to a Bluetooth printer
          4. Android Beam It to Me
            1. Turning on NFC
            2. Using Android Beam
            3. Using Jim Beam
        2. Chapter 20: Sync, Share, and Store
          1. The USB Connection
            1. Connecting the USB cable
            2. Configuring the USB connection
            3. Connecting to a Mac
            4. Disconnecting the phone from the computer
          2. Synchronize Your Stuff
            1. Transferring files
            2. Connecting with Samsung Kies
            3. Sharing files with the cloud
          3. Galaxy Note Storage Mysteries
            1. Reviewing storage stats
            2. Managing files
            3. Dealing with MicroSD storage
        3. Chapter 21: Take It Elsewhere
          1. Where the Phone Roams
          2. Airplane Mode
          3. International Calling
            1. Dialing an international number
            2. Making international calls with Skype
            3. Taking your Galaxy Note abroad
        4. Chapter 22: Customize Your Phone
          1. It’s Your Home Screen
            1. Editing the Home screen
            2. Changing wallpaper
            3. Adding apps to the Home screen
            4. Putting an app on the Favorites tray
            5. Slapping down widgets
            6. Building app folders
            7. Rearranging and removing icons and widgets
            8. Adding and removing Home screen panels
          2. Galactic Screen Security
            1. Finding the screen locks
            2. Removing a lock
            3. Applying a password
            4. Setting a PIN
            5. Creating an unlock pattern
            6. Unlocking the phone with your signature
            7. Adding owner info text
          3. Some Fine-Tuning
            1. Setting sound and vibration options
            2. Changing display settings
        5. Chapter 23: Keep It Running
          1. Battery Care and Feeding
            1. Monitoring the battery
            2. Determining what is drawing power
            3. Using Power Saving mode
            4. Extending battery life
          2. Regular Maintenance
            1. Keeping it clean
            2. Backing up your phone
            3. Updating the system
          3. Help and Troubleshooting
            1. Getting help
            2. Fixing random and annoying problems
            3. Getting support
          4. Galaxy Note Q&A
            1. “The touchscreen doesn’t work!”
            2. “I lost the S Pen!”
            3. “The screen is too dark!”
            4. “The screen turns off during a call”
            5. “The battery doesn’t charge!”
            6. “The phone gets so hot that it turns itself off!”
            7. “The phone won’t do Landscape mode!”
      7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 24: Ten Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
          1. Spruce Up the Lock Screen
          2. Use Galaxy Note Motion Features
          3. Personalize the Sound
          4. Change Screen Fonts
          5. Add Spice to Dictation
          6. Choose Default Apps
          7. Avoid Data Overages
          8. Watch the Phone Dream
          9. Find Your Lost Cell Phone
          10. Visit Task Manager
        2. Chapter 25: Ten Things to Remember
          1. Return to a Recent App
          2. Lock the Phone on a Call
          3. Use Landscape Orientation
          4. Follow the Keyboard Suggestions
          5. Things That Consume Lots of Battery Juice
          6. Check for Roaming
          7. Use the + Symbol When Dialing Internationally
          8. Get a Docking Stand
          9. Snap a Pic of That Contact
          10. Use the Search Command
      8. About the Author
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. More Dummies Products

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    • Title: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies
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    • Release date: May 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
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