Chapter 12

Your Digital Social Life

In This Chapter

arrow Getting the Facebook app

arrow Sharing your life on Facebook

arrow Sending pictures to Facebook

arrow Tweeting on Twitter

arrow Discovering social networking opportunities

In a world where people proclaim to value their privacy, it seems like every aspect of the human existence finds itself broadcast to the universe via the technology of social networking. It makes sense, too. After all, you and I dwell in a culture where the most desired goal of today’s youth is not to be successful or happy. No, the driving force behind our culture is the desire to be famous. Social networking is the path one takes to reach that goal.

Thus endeth my rant.

If you desire to achieve fame via the ersatz-paved trail of social networking, your Galaxy Note is more than up to the task. Even if you’re only curious or you want to stare, agape, at the antics of others, social networking ...

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