Chapter 9

Sharing Pictures


Bullet Taking pictures and video with your phone

Bullet Organizing your pictures and video

Bullet Sharing pictures and video with friends and family

The Samsung Galaxy S10 should really be called a smartcamera with a phone. If you’re like many mobile phone users, you love that you can shoot photographs and video with your phone.

You probably carry your phone with you practically everywhere you go, so you never again have to miss a great photograph because you left your camera at home.

And don’t think that Samsung skimped on the camera on your Galaxy S10. In fact, they poured it on. Boasting 16 megapixels (MP) of muscle for starters, this camera is complemented with lots of shooting options. Then, depending upon your model, you have a range of additional lenses for special circumstances. After you’ve taken your images, you can view them on that wicked Super AMOLED screen. Samsung also includes a Gallery app for organizing and sharing. Plus, the camera can shoot stills and video.

It’s truly amazing to consider the number of options that you have for your photographs and your videos. Samsung keeps on adding new options, filters, and ways to share these files. ...

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