Samsung Galaxy S22 For Dummies

Book description

Your step-by-step roadmap to unlocking the full potential of your new Galaxy S‘X’

Your new Samsung Galaxy S‘X’ is packed with more features than you can count. So, how should you go about using this fantastic phone to its fullest? With some friendly and expert help from Samsung Galaxy S‘X’ For Dummies!

This book on Samsung’s latest version of its flagship smartphone will walk you through every important function and feature on the S‘X’. Want to make a call or send an email? Samsung Galaxy S‘X’ For Dummies will show you how to set up your accounts and contacts to help you stay in touch with your friends and family. More interested in playing some new games or using the latest app? Flip to the chapter on accessing the Google Play Store and grab your favorite downloads.

You’ll find step-by-step descriptions, complete with helpful screenshots and pictures, to help you:

  • Understand the home screen, buttons, and menus of your new phone so you can navigate it with ease
  • Customize your phone with ringtones, wallpapers, lock screens, and widgets
  • Improve your productivity with functional apps like Calendar and GPS

Whether this is your first Samsung phone, or just the latest in a long line of them, Samsung Galaxy S‘X’ For Dummies is your secret weapon to unlocking the full potential of one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part 1: Getting Started with the Samsung Galaxy S22
    1. Chapter 1: Exploring What You Can Do with Your Phone
      1. Discovering the Basics of Your Phone
      2. Taking Your Phone to the Next Level: The Smartphone Features
      3. Customizing Your Phone with Games and Applications
      4. Surviving Unboxing Day
    2. Chapter 2: Beginning at the Beginning
      1. First Things First: Turning On Your Phone
      2. Charging Your Phone and Managing Battery Life
      3. Navigating the Galaxy S22
      4. Going to Sleep Mode/Turning Off the Phone
  6. Part 2: Communicating with Other People
    1. Chapter 3: Calling People
      1. Making Calls
      2. Answering Calls
      3. Keeping Track of Your Calls: The Recents
      4. Making an Emergency Call: The 411 on 911
      5. Syncing a Bluetooth Headset
      6. Options Other than Headsets
    2. Chapter 4: Discovering the Joy of Text
      1. Sending the First Text Message
      2. Carrying on a Conversation via Texting
      3. Sending an Attachment with a Text
      4. Receiving Text Messages
      5. Managing Your Text History
    3. Chapter 5: Sending and Receiving Email
      1. Setting Up Your Email
      2. Reading Email on Your Phone
      3. Writing and Sending Email
      4. Replying to and Forwarding Email
    4. Chapter 6: Managing Your Contacts
      1. Using the Galaxy S22 Contacts App
      2. Creating Contacts within Your Database
      3. How Contacts Make Life Easy
      4. Playing Favorites
  7. Part 3: Living on the Internet
    1. Chapter 7: You’ve Got the Whole (Web) World in Your Hands
      1. Starting the Browser
      2. Accessing Mobile (or Not) Websites
      3. Choosing Your Search Engine
      4. Deciding between Mobile Browsing and Mobile Apps
    2. Chapter 8: Playing in Google’s Play Store
      1. Exploring the Play Store: The Mall for Your Phone
      2. Getting to the Store
      3. Seeing What’s Available: Shopping for Android Apps
      4. Installing and Managing an Android App
      5. Rating or Uninstalling Your Apps
  8. Part 4: Having Fun with Your Phone
    1. Chapter 9: Sharing Pictures
      1. Say Cheese! Taking a Picture with Your Phone
      2. Getting a Little Fancier with Your Camera
      3. Visualizing What You Can Do with Bixby Vision
      4. Managing Your Photo Images
      5. Using Images on Your Phone
      6. Deleting Images on Your Phone
    2. Chapter 10: Creating Videos
      1. Ready … Action! Taking a Video with Your Phone
      2. Taking Videography to the Next Level
    3. Chapter 11: Playing Games
      1. The Play Store Games Category
      2. Leaving Feedback on Games
    4. Chapter 12: Playing Music and Videos
      1. Getting Ready to Be Entertained
      2. Licensing Your Multimedia Files
      3. Using the Full Capacity of the Memory in Your Phone
      4. Enjoying Basic Multimedia Capabilities
  9. Part 5: Getting Down to Business
    1. Chapter 13: Using the Calendar
      1. Syncing Calendars
      2. Setting Calendar Display Preferences
      3. Setting Other Display Options
      4. Creating an Event on the Right Calendar
    2. Chapter 14: Mapping Out Where You Want to Be
      1. GPS 101: First Things First
      2. Practically Speaking: Using Maps
      3. Getting and Using Directions
    3. Chapter 15: Paying with Samsung Pay
      1. How Mobile Payment Works
      2. Getting Started with Samsung Pay
      3. Setting Up Samsung Pay
      4. Using Samsung Pay
      5. Managing Samsung Pay
      6. Adding Loyalty Cards
  10. Part 6: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Make Your Phone Totally Yours
      1. Using a Bluetooth Speaker
      2. Cruising in the Car
      3. Considering Wireless Charging Mats
      4. Making a Statement with Wraps
      5. You Look Wonderful: Custom Screen Images
      6. Empowering Power Savings
      7. Controlling Your Home Electronics
      8. Wearing Wearables
      9. Using Your Phone as a PC
      10. Creating Your Own AR Emoji in the AR Zone
    2. Chapter 17: Ten (or So) Ways to Make Your Phone Secure
      1. Using a Good Case
      2. Putting It on Lockdown
      3. Creating a Secure Folder
      4. Using Knox to Make Your Phone as Secure as Fort Knox
      5. Being Careful with Bluetooth
      6. Protecting against Malware
      7. Downloading Apps Only from Reputable Sources
      8. Rescuing Your Phone When It Gets Lost
      9. Wiping Your Device Clean
    3. Chapter 18: Ten Features to Look for Down the Road
      1. Your Medical Information Hub
      2. Better 911 Services
      3. Home Internet of Things Services to Differentiate Real Estate
      4. New Delivery Concepts
      5. Smarter Customer Care for Your Phone
      6. Smartphone as Entertainment Hub
      7. Driving in Your Car
      8. Serving You Better
      9. Placing You Indoors
      10. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  11. Index
  12. About the Author
  13. Connect with Dummies
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Samsung Galaxy S22 For Dummies
  • Author(s): Bill Hughes
  • Release date: June 2022
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119873068