Chapter 2

Beginning at the Beginning

In This Chapter

arrow Turning on your phone

arrow Charging the phone and managing battery life

arrow Navigating your phone

arrow Turning off your phone and using sleep mode

In this chapter, I fill you in on the basics of using your new Samsung Galaxy S6. You start by turning on your phone. (I told you I was covering the basics!) I guide you through charging your phone and getting the most out of your phone’s battery. Stick with me for a basic tour of your phone’s buttons and other features. Then I end by telling you how to turn off your phone or put it in “sleep” mode.

tip Unless you’re new to mobile phones in general — and smartphones in particular — you might want to skip this chapter. If the term “smartphone” is foreign to you, you probably haven’t used one before, and reading this chapter won’t hurt. And, just so you know, a smartphone is just a mobile phone on which you can download and run applications that are better than what comes preloaded on a phone right out ...

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