Chapter 8

Playing in Google’s Play Store

In This Chapter

arrow Getting to know Play Store

arrow Finding Play Store on your phone

arrow Seeing what Play Store has to offer

arrow Downloading and installing Android apps

arrow Rating and uninstalling apps

One of the things that makes smartphones (such as the phones based on the Google Android platform) different from regular mobile phones is that you can download better apps than what comes standard on the phone. Most traditional mobile phones come with a few simple games and basic apps. Smartphones usually come with better games and apps. For example, on your Galaxy S6 phone, you get a more sophisticated contact manager, an app that can play digital music (MP3s), basic maps, and texting tools.

To boot, you can download even better apps and games for phones based on the Google Android platform. Many apps are available for your Galaxy S6 phone, and that number will only grow over time.

So where do you get all these wonderful apps? The main place to get Android apps ...

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