Chapter 10

Playing Games

In This Chapter

arrow Perusing the games available in the Play Store

arrow Downloading games to your phone

arrow Providing feedback

Games are the most popular kind of download for smartphones of all kinds. In spite of the focus on business productivity, socializing, and making your life simpler, games outpace all other application downloads. The electronic gaming industry has larger revenues than the movie industry — and has for several years!

The fact of the matter is that your Samsung Galaxy S6, with its large Super AMOLED screen, makes Android-based games more fun. And because you already have one, maybe you should take a break and concentrate on having fun!

The Play Store Games Category

The Games category of Google Play Store (shown in Figure 10-1) is huge, and it includes everything from simple puzzles to simulated violence. All games involve various combinations of intellect, skill (either cognitive or motor), and role-playing.


Figure 10-1: The Games button on the Play Store screen.

We could have a lively and intellectually stimulating debate on the merits of games ...

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