Chapter 13

Using the Calendar

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up events

arrow Downloading your calendars to your phone

arrow Uploading events to your PC

You might fall in love with your Galaxy S6 phone so much that you want to ask it out on a date. And speaking of dates, let’s talk about your phone’s calendar. The Galaxy S6 phone calendar functions are powerful, and they can make your life easier. With just a few taps, you can bring all your electronic calendars together to keep your life synchronized.

In this chapter, I show you how to set up the calendar that comes with your phone, which might be all you need. The odds are, though, that you have calendars elsewhere, such as on your work computer. So I also show you how to combine all your calendars with your Galaxy S6 phone. After you read this chapter, you’ll have no excuse for missing a meeting. (Or, okay, a date.)

tip Some calendars use the term appointments for events. They are the same idea. I use the term events.

Syncing Calendars

Most likely, you already have at least two electronic calendars scattered in different places: a calendar tied to ...

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