Chapter 14

On the Road Again: Taking Your Work with You on Your Phone

In This Chapter

arrow Using mobile Microsoft Office applications

arrow Navigating the Office applications in the Cloud

arrow Sharing files using your phone

When you pick up your Galaxy S6 phone, you’re holding as much computing power as was available in a high-end desktop from a few years ago — and a graphics processor that would have made a hard-core gamer envious. So it’s not far-fetched to want to do some work with your Microsoft Office applications, which are relatively modest users of computing power, on your Galaxy S6 while you’re away from your desk. Sure. Why not?

The Galaxy S6 phone actually doesn’t allow you to leave your computer behind for good, for a few reasons. The most basic is that the sizes of the screen and the keyboard aren’t conducive for writing novels and other similarly long documents. What makes the most sense is to use your phone to view Office documents and make minor changes. Leave the hard-core creation and modification efforts to a full-sized PC.

There are several mobile apps that work on Android phones. This includes Microsoft Office Mobile, WPS Office + PDF from Kingsoft, and Polaris Office + PDF ...

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