Chapter 11

Mapping Out Where You Want to Be


check Deciding what you want to use for navigation

check Using what’s already on your phone

check Using maps safely

Having a map on your phone is a very handy tool. At the most basic level, you can ask your phone to show you a map for where you plan to go. This is convenient, but only a small part of what you can do.

With the right applications, your Galaxy S9 phone can do the following:

  • Automatically find your location on a map.
  • Give directions to where you want to go.
    • As you drive, using historical driving times.
    • As you drive, using real-time road conditions.
    • While you walk.
    • As you take public transportation.
  • Give turn-by-turn directions as you travel.
    • With two-dimensional representations of the road and intersections.
    • With three-dimensional representations of the roads, buildings, and intersections.
  • Tell others where you are.
  • Use the screen on your phone as a viewfinder to identify landmarks as you pan the area (augmented reality).

There are also some mapping applications for the Galaxy S9 for commercial users, such as MyBusVue from Zonar Systems or Live Truck Tracking from Real Green Systems, but I don’t cover them in this book. ...

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