Chapter 12

Playing Music and Videos


check Enjoying a single song, podcasts, or an entire album

check Viewing videos

check Knowing your licensing options

Smartphones have built-in digital music and video players. Some people hesitate to give up on their MP3 or portable multimedia players. This is simply technological inertia.

Having a single device that you can use as a phone and as a source of music is quite convenient because then you need only one device rather than two, and you eliminate extra cords for charging and separate headphones for listening. Your Samsung Galaxy S9 is no exception. You can play digital music files and podcasts all day and all night on your phone. The audio and video technology embedded in your phone is truly among the best there is.

In addition, by virtue of the Super AMOLED screen on your Galaxy S9 smartphone, your phone makes for an excellent handheld video player. Just listen on the headset and watch on the screen, whether you have a short music video or a full-length movie.

To boot, your Galaxy S9 comes with applications for downloading and listening to music as well as downloading and watching videos. These apps are very straightforward, especially ...

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