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Samsung Galaxy Tab S For Dummies

Book Description

Explore your Galaxy Tab S with an expert tour guide at your side

Samsung Galaxy Tab S For Dummies is a user-friendly guide to getting the most out of your new tablet. You'll discover how different the tablet experience is from the desktop, laptop, or smartphone, and learn how to take advantage of everything your Galaxy Tab S has to offer. This entertaining guide walks you through each feature one by one, helping you learn exactly what your tablet can do for you. With everything from reading to playing games and surfing the Internet, you will learn how to be productive and have fun, too!

  • Navigate your Galaxy Tab S easily, and get acquainted with the keyboard

  • Send e-mail, browse the Web, and tap into social media

  • Make phone calls, take pictures, and hold video chats

  • Play music, movies, games, and more

  • Your Galaxy Tab S has so much to offer — it's not a computer, but it is so much more than a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Tab S For Dummies is the perfect guide to getting to know your Galaxy S tablet, so settle in and see what your tablet can do.

    Table of Contents

      1. Cover
      2. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      3. Part I: A Galaxy in Your Hands
        1. Chapter 1: A Galactic Orientation
          1. Set Up Your Galaxy Tablet
          2. Know Your Way around the Galaxy
          3. Where to Keep Your Tab
        2. Chapter 2: The On and Off Chapter
          1. Hello, Tablet
          2. More Accounts for Your Tab
          3. Farewell, Tablet
        3. Chapter 3: How Your Galaxy Tab Works
          1. Basic Operations
          2. Behold the Home Screens
          3. All About Those Apps
        4. Chapter 4: Text to Type and Edit
          1. This Is a Keyboard?
          2. The Old Hunt-and-Peck
          3. Google Voice Typing
          4. Text Editing
      4. Part II: Tablet Communications
        1. Chapter 5: All Your Friends in the Galaxy
          1. Meet the Tab's Address Book
          2. Add More Friends
          3. Manage Your Friends
        2. Chapter 6: Mail of the Electronic Kind
          1. Galactic Email
          2. You've Got Email
          3. Write That Message
          4. Message Attachments
          5. Email Configuration
        3. Chapter 7: Text Chat, Video Chat, and Even Phone Calls
          1. Let's Hang Out
          2. Connect to the World with Skype
        4. Chapter 8: Web Browsing
          1. The Web Browser App
          2. Mobile Web Browsing
          3. The Art of Downloading
          4. Internet App Controls and Settings
        5. Chapter 9: The Digital Social Life
          1. Face to Face with Facebook
          2. All A-Twitter
          3. Even More Social Networking
      5. Part III: Everything in the Galaxy
        1. Chapter 10: Getting from Here to There
          1. There's a Map for That
          2. It Knows Where You Are
          3. Find Things
          4. The Galaxy Navigator
        2. Chapter 11: It's a Big, Flat Camera
          1. Your Galactic Camera
          2. Camera Settings and Options
        3. Chapter 12: The Gallery
          1. Your Pictures and Videos
          2. Photo and Video Editing
          3. Set Your Pics and Vids Free
        4. Chapter 13: Music, Music, Music
          1. Your Hit Parade
          2. Add Some Music to Your Life
          3. Organize Your Music
          4. Soap, No Soap, Galaxy Radio
        5. Chapter 14: What Else Does It Do?
          1. It's an Alarm Clock
          2. It's a Very Big Calculator
          3. It's a Calendar
          4. It's a Game Machine
          5. It's an Ebook Reader
          6. It's Google Now
          7. It's Your Video Entertainment
        6. Chapter 15: At the Google Play Store
          1. Welcome to the Play Store
          2. Play Store Tricks
      6. Part IV: Nuts and Bolts
        1. Chapter 16: It's a Wireless Life
          1. Wireless Networking Wizardry
          2. The Bluetooth Experience
        2. Chapter 17: Connect, Share, and Store
          1. The USB Connection
          2. Files from Here, Files to There
          3. Galactic Storage
        3. Chapter 18: Apps and Widgets
          1. Apps and Widgets on the Home Screen
          2. Manage Your Apps
          3. Organizing the Apps Screen
        4. Chapter 19: Customize Your Tab
          1. Home Screen Settings
          2. Lock Screen Configuration
          3. Various Galactic Adjustments
        5. Chapter 20: Galactic Security
          1. Lock Your Tablet
          2. Other Tablet Security
          3. It’s Everyone’s Tab!
        6. Chapter 21: Taking the Galaxy with You
          1. Before You Go
          2. Galaxy Tab Travel Tips
          3. Into the Wild Blue Yonder
          4. The Galaxy Goes Abroad
        7. Chapter 22: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
          1. Regular Galactic Maintenance
          2. Battery Care and Feeding
          3. Help and Troubleshooting
          4. Valuable Galaxy Tablet Q&A
      7. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 23: Ten Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
          1. Make Some Multi Window Magic
          2. Snooze Through Blocking Mode
          3. Stay Private with Private Mode
          4. Access Apps Anywhere with the Toolbox
          5. Avoid Display Timeouts with Smart Stay
          6. Watch the Tablet Dream
          7. Add Spice to Dictation
          8. Use the Galactic TV Remote
          9. Use the Task Manager
          10. Check Your Data Usage
        2. Chapter 24: Ten Things to Remember
          1. Summon a Recently Opened App
          2. Make Quick Settings
          3. Use Dictation
          4. Lock the Orientation
          5. Use Keyboard Suggestions
          6. Avoid Things That Consume Lots of Battery Juice
          7. Make Phone Calls
          8. Keep Up with Your Schedule
          9. Snap a Pic of That Contact
          10. Enter Location Information for Your Events
      8. About the Author
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. Advertisement Page
      11. Connect with Dummies
      12. End User License Agreement