Chapter 15

Ten Galaxy Tips and Tricks

In This Chapter

arrow Extending your warranty

arrow Finding the hidden Task Manager

arrow Using Safe Mode to troubleshoot apps

arrow Performing a factory data reset

This chapter gives you lots of tricks to put up your sleeve.

Extending Your Warranty for Free

Many credit cards offer added protection for devices that you’ve bought with those pieces of magic plastic. For example, American Express Extended Warranty automatically doubles the warranty protection for most devices — including tablets — for as much as one year. There are similar programs offered by some issuers of MasterCard or Visa cards. Some credit cards even offer free coverage for theft or accidental damage during the first few weeks or months of ownership. What’s in your wallet?

Contact customer service for any credit cards you own to see if this is included, and find out exactly the terms of coverage.

tip My recommendation: Always use credit cards with warranty protection when you buy electronic devices. Keep ...

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