Chapter 1

A Quick Orientation

In This Chapter

arrow Unboxing your Galaxy tablet

arrow Charging the battery

arrow Locating important things

arrow Adding or removing a microSD card

arrow Getting optional accessories

arrow Storing the tablet

I thoroughly enjoy getting a new gizmo and opening its box. Expectations build. Joy is released. Then frustration descends like a grand piano pushed out a third-story window. That's because any new electronic device, especially something as sophisticated as a Samsung Galaxy tablet, requires a bit of hand-holding. You have a lot of ground to cover, but it all starts with opening the box and reading this gentle introduction.

Set Up Your Galaxy Tablet

The folks who sold you the Galaxy tablet may have already done some configuration before you left the store. That's great if it happened, but not terrible if it didn't. A cellular (LTE) tablet has most likely been unboxed and manhandled ...

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