Chapter 8

The Digital Social Life

In This Chapter

arrow Accessing social updates for your contacts

arrow Getting Facebook

arrow Sharing your life on Facebook

arrow Sending pictures to Facebook

arrow Tweeting on Twitter

arrow Exploring other social networking opportunities

At the dawn of the Internet, there was no reason to use the Internet. Well, yes: It was a time-killer. Then came the glory of e-mail, the thrill of online shopping, the tedium of blogging. At the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, another reason popped up: online social networking.

Armed with your Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab, you can keep your digital social life up-to-date wherever you go. You can communicate with your friends, followers, and buddies; upload pictures and videos you take on the tablet; or just share your personal, private, intimate thoughts with the whole of humanity.

In Your Facebook

Of all the social networking sites, ...

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