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BC SAP Database Administration Guides: DB2 for OS/390
SAP Release 3.1I: material number 51002788
SAP Release 4.0B: material number 51002661
SAP Release 4.5B: material number 51006377
SAP Release 4.6C: material number 51009638
SAP R/3 Homogeneous System Copy, Release 4.6C SR2,
material number
SAP Web Application Server 6.20: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous
System Copy
, SAP document available at:
SAP Notes
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The following SAP Notes are referenced in this redbook:
DB2/390: APAR List,
SAP Note 081737
DB2/390: Backup and Recovery Options,
SAP Note 083000
DB2/390: Installing saposcol manually,
SAP Note 103135
DB2/390: PTF check tool,
SAP Note 183311
DB2/390: DDIC corrections (Releases 4.6A, 4.6B, 4.6C, 4.6D),
SAP Note
DB2/390: Transports for 4.6C,
SAP Note 217093
DB2/390: Newest version of the CCMS 4.6C,
SAP Note 217468
DB2/390: Transports for Release 4.6D,
SAP Note 324739
DB2/390: RSDB2MAS new version,
SAP Note 330289
DB2/390: Latest version of CCMS 4.6D,
SAP Note 337776
DB2/390: Incremental Migration to DB2/390,
SAP Note 353558
DB2/390: MCOD installation,
SAP Note 399419
DB2/390: New failover support from Release 6.10,
SAP Note 402078
DB2/390: DDIC corrections (6.10, 6.20),
SAP Note 407663
DB2/390: DB Performance Monitor/IFI Data Collector,
SAP Note 426863

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