SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Implement a comprehensive, integrated application platform

Take full advantage of the power, flexibility, and adaptability of SAP -- the premier solution for service-based, enterprise-scale business processes. SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition offers complete coverage of installation, implementation, operation, and support. You'll get full details on all the components, including SAP Web Application Server, SAP NetWeaver, the ABAP workbench, and more. Administration, security, and integration with other systems is also covered.


  • Get an overview of SAP business, integration, and collaboration solutions
  • Understand SAP Web Application Server architecture
  • Get details on the SAP NetWeaver platform
  • Access SAP systems through the SAP presentation interface
  • Use the ABAP workbench development environment
  • Handle system administration and implement security
  • Manage system-wide changes with the Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Analyze performance and troubleshoot SAP solutions

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. About the Contributing Writer
  4. About the Technical Editor
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. SAP: From SAP R/3 to SAP NetWeaver
    1. SAP Strategic Evolution
    2. SAP R/3 Releases and Fundamentals
    3. Description of Our Good Old and Still Great R/3
    4. SAP Enterprise Core (R/3) Applications Overview
    5. SAP Services Overview
  7. The Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
    1. The SAP Web Application Server
    2. SAP R/3 up to 4.6C: The Basis Software
    3. Basic Architectural Concepts
    4. The System Central Interfaces
    5. Services: Work Processes Types
    6. SAP Web AS Communication Protocols and Interfaces
    7. Memory Management
    8. The Concept of a SAP Instance
    9. Building the Client/Server SAP Web AS System
    10. The Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
    11. Internet Business Framework
    12. The Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
    13. The Web Dispatcher and the SAP J2EE Engine
    14. Distributing SAP Systems and Services
    15. Starting and Stopping SAP Systems
  8. SAP NetWeaver: An Overview
    1. Enterprise Service Architecture
    2. What’s SAP NetWeaver?
    3. SAP NetWeaver Application Platform
    4. SAP Enterprise Portal
    5. SAP Mobile Infrastructure
    6. SAP Business Information Warehouse
    7. SAP Master Data Management
    8. SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0
    9. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
    10. Planning SAP NetWeaver Installations
    11. Installation and Planning Concepts
  9. Using SAP Systems
    1. Logging On and Off the System
    2. The User Interface: Main Screen Elements of SAP GUI
    3. Working with SAP User Sessions
    4. Moving Around the SAP Systems
    5. Working with Information
    6. Getting Help in SAP Systems
    7. Working with Reports
    8. Working with Background Jobs
    9. User Printing
    10. Additional User Utilities
  10. Upgrading to SAP R/3 Enterprise: The First Step into SAP NetWeaver
    1. Why Upgrade?
    2. SAP Upgrade Projects
    3. Upgrading to SAP R/3 Enterprise: An Organizational View
    4. Upgrading to SAP R/3 Enterprise: Technical Point of View
    5. Troubleshooting the Upgrade
  11. The Change and Transport System
    1. What’s New in the Transport System with the Web Application Server?
    2. Transport System Concepts
    3. Managing Packages
    4. Configuration of the Transport System
    5. The Transport Management System (TMS)
    6. Working with the Transport Organizer
    7. Performing Transports with the TMS
    8. Using tp, the Transport Control Program
    9. Overview of the R3trans Program
  12. Development Options with SAP Solutions: ABAP Engine
    1. The ABAP Workbench
    2. The ABAP Dictionary
    3. Introduction to the ABAP Programming Language
    4. Testing and Debugging ABAP
    5. Connectors
    6. What Is New in the ABAP Development Environment with the SAP WAS
    7. Web Development with ABAP: Business Server Page (BSP)
  13. User Management and Security in SAP Environments
    1. Overview of Security Concepts
    2. SAP Security Infrastructure
    3. Overview of User Administration
    4. The Authorization System in SAP WAS
    5. Working with the Role Maintenance Tool
    6. Organizing the Maintenance of the Authorization System
  14. Web Application Server System Management
    1. General SAP System Management
    2. Displaying and Managing Lock Entries
    3. Client Copies
    4. Managing the Background System
    5. SAP Printing System
    6. The Web Components of the SAP Web Application Server
  15. Performance and Troubleshooting with SAP Solutions
    1. Performance Analysis
    2. Memory Management
    3. Hardware Capacity Analysis
    4. Database Analysis
    5. Workload Distribution
    6. Troubleshooting in System Administration
    7. Database Space Management
    8. The Alert Monitors
  16. SAP for IT Managers: Implementation, Planning, Operation, and Support of SAP Systems
    1. SAP Projects
    2. Introduction to AcceleratedSAP (ASAP)
    3. SAP Solution Manager
    4. Challenges of SAP Solution Projects: Technology Issues
    5. SAP Procedures Guide
    6. The Administration and Operation Manual
    7. Roles When Implementing and Supporting SAP Solutions
    8. Introduction to the Help Desk
  17. Index

Product Information

  • Title: SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Franklin Martinez, Jose Hernandez, Jim Keogh
  • Release date: December 2005
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780072257168