The Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

SAP joins its applications with the Internet world in release 3.1 (1996) by means of the Internet Transaction Server (ITS). This server combines Internet technology with R/3 technology, enabling reliable access to SAP transactions from the Internet and from intranets. ITS uses the following:

  • SAP GUI for HTML (ITS 4.6DC4 or Higher), which dynamically converts R/3 transaction screens to HTML pages.

  • Web Transactions, which enables HTML pages to call R/3 transactions.

  • WebRFC, which enables HTML pages to call R/3 function modules.

  • WebReporting, which links SAP reports and pregenerated lists from an HTML pages and links to the Web Reporting Browser that displays R/3 report trees. Web Reporting is a special-case WebRFC. ...

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