Chapter Quiz

Select the best answer for each question. Check your answers using the answer key in the appendix.
  1. The default statistics produced by the MEANS procedure are n-count, mean, minimum, maximum, and which one of the following statistics:
    1. median
    2. range
    3. standard deviation
    4. standard error of the mean
  2. Which statement limits a PROC MEANS analysis to the variables Boarded, Transfer, and Deplane?
    1. by boarded transfer deplane;
    2. class boarded transfer deplane;
    3. output boarded transfer deplane;
    4. var boarded transfer deplane;
  3. The data set Cert.Health includes the following numeric variables. Which is a poor candidate for PROC MEANS analysis?
    1. IDnum
    2. Age
    3. Height
    4. Weight ...

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