Match-Merging: Details

Match-Merging Syntax

Match-merging combines observations from two or more data sets into a single observation in a new data set according to the values of a common variable.
When match-merging, use the MERGE statement rather than the SET statement to combine data sets.
Syntax, DATA step for match-merging:
DATA output-SAS-data-set;
MERGE SAS-data-set-1 SAS-data-set-2;
BY <DESCENDING> variable(s);
  • output-SAS-data-set names the data set to be created.
  • SAS-data-set-1 and SAS-data-set-2 specify the data sets to be read.
  • variable(s) in the BY statement specifies one or more variables whose values are used to match observations.
  • DESCENDING indicates that the input data sets are sorted in ...

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