Chapter 1

Erasing the Worry: Getting to Know the New SAT

In This Chapter

arrow Determining which test to take

arrow Comparing the old and new SAT

arrow Signing up for the SAT

arrow Allowing for special needs

arrow Previewing the SAT Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections

arrow Understanding SAT scoring

In ancient Greek mythology — and in the Harry Potter series — a three-headed monster guards a magical place. In the real world, a different sort of three-headed monster — the SAT — protects another magical place: the college of your dreams. The SAT’s three heads are tests of your skills in reading, writing, and math. Instead of chomping its victims like an imaginary monster, the SAT chops you up into a series of numbers — scores that play a crucial (extremely important) role in determining whether you receive a please come to our school or a sorry to disappoint you response at decision time.

In this chapter, ...

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