Chapter 2

Slow and Steady (Breathing) Wins the Race: Preparing for the Test

In This Chapter

arrow Tailoring SAT prep to your life

arrow Using the time remaining before the test efficiently

arrow Dealing with last-minute nerves

arrow Ensuring success on the morning of the test

“All things are ready, if our mind be so,” wrote William Shakespeare. When you hit test day, the last thing you want is an unprepared mind. But you won’t have one, because this chapter explains how to make “all things . . . ready,” especially your mind, for the SAT.

SAT prep can start at many different points in your life and still be effective. In this chapter, you find long-term and short-term strategies for SAT prep as well as medium-length prep for the Average Joe and Josephine. And for those of you who suddenly realized that the test is next week, here you find a panic-button scenario. Lastly, this chapter tells you what to do to maximize your score the night before the test (speaking of panic) as well as the morning of SAT day.

Starting Early: A Long-Range Plan

You’re the type of person who buys summer clothes in December. ...

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