Chapter 3

Examining the Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Sections

In This Chapter

arrow Devising a strategy for reading passages

arrow Honing techniques for the writing and language questions and optional essay

arrow Maximizing your score on math problems

Two seconds after Ugh the Cave Dweller first carved some words on a rock wall, a prehistoric teacher-type (PT-T) asked, “What does ‘Mastodon eat you’ imply?” and the reading exam was born. When PT-T carved a correction (“Mastodon eats you”), the writing test began. And — you guessed it — the math exam came to life when PT-T commented, “Today you carved two words more than yesterday. At this rate of increase, how many will you carve tomorrow?”

Your test may be a bit tougher than Ugh’s, but don’t worry. In this chapter, you place each section and each type of question under a microscope and discover the best strategy for arriving at the correct answer.

Getting Acquainted with the Reading Section

The new SAT sends sentence completions — statements with blanks into which you insert an appropriate word — into oblivion (nonexistence). Instead, the SAT-makers have beefed-up the reading-comprehension passages, adding graphics and questions about ...

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