Chapter 5

Section II: Writing and Language

The Writing and Language section of the SAT is divided into two parts: one multiple-choice section, which is required, and one optional essay.

For the multiple-choice section, you have 35 minutes to read four passages, each accompanied by 11 questions. The essay, which is always the last section of the test, eats up 50 minutes of your morning. It’s based on one passage that is 650 to 750 words long.

The answers and explanations for the questions in this practice test are in Chapter 7. Go through the explanations to all the questions, even if you answered the question correctly. The explanations are a good review of the grammar and writing techniques you need for the SAT and also may include tricks, shortcuts, and strategies to help you on exam day.

Answer Sheet for Section 2, Writing and Language


Writing and Language

Time: 35 minutes for 44 questions

Directions: Choose the best answer based on what you see in the passage and diagrams, charts, or graphs.

Passage I


Illustration by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Source : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Dr. Vint Virga stares at Molly, a 1 Barbary sheep, Molly has been behaving strangely since her tail was amputated after an accident. Molly spends almost all of her time nervously checking ...

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